Custom Website Design

Website/logo design package for a Salon/Spa.

Custom WordPress Website Design
compatible with mobile and desktop devices and browsers. Your choice of blog, separate page or both layouts.

Design Process:
AdrianMedia will provide a design proof to patron within a 1-2 week period. Patron is to review design proof for accuracy and detail. The first 4 sets of emailed revisions are provided free of charge. After the 4th set of emailed revisions patrons maybe billed $10 per each set of emailed revisions.

Note that if you need any other services, we can provide you with a custom quote. All orders will be completed within 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of the order and your approval.


Add credit card
processing through Paypal 

+ $149.99

Add Custom “Contact Us”
online form, delivering results to your email 

+ $49.99

Add a Custom Slider
to your home page 

+ $99.99

Recommendations of things to have in place before having your website designed.

A. Purchase a domain name.
This is the name that your web audience will use to type in and load your website. i.e or You may purchase your name from a number of domain providers throughout the web but we recommend

B. Decide which hosting package will fit your needs.
There are a few types of hosting that you may purchase depending on your need, but if you are just starting and you are unsure of which one to purchase my opinion is to purchase the most basic or economy hosting package available. You can always upgrade later if you need to.

C. Purchase your website hosting package.
Think of hosting as your piece of real estate on the web. It is your space to place your all of the files and all elements that will serve as the foundation/makeup of your website. With that said we recommend that you purchase your hosting with the same company with which you have your domain to avoid any miscommunications or potential mishaps that can cause interuptions in your web presence. You guessed. Here we also recommend

D. Have at least a general idea of what you want your website “look like”.
When we use the term “look like” not only are we speaking of the asthetics of how your site will be displayed come into question but we also mean any elements/functions you wish your website to have. for instance … would you need forms, calendars, blogs and so forth. We recommend that you view other websites that are in your industry and take notes as to which ones interest you.

E. Have any written content and images readily available.
Websites can consists of numerous pages. Each page typically consists of verbiage and graphic elements to best relay to the user its purpose. So it is necessary to have this information parepared for the designer so he/she can best create your page.