4″x6″ Postcards/Flyers

Design Policy:
AdrianMedia will provide a design proof to patron free of charge typicall within a 36 hour period. Patron is to review design proof for accuracy and detail. The first 4 sets of emailed revisions are provided free of charge. After the 4th set of emailed revisions patrons maybe billed $5 per each set of emailed revisions.

Color: Full Color
Stock: 14 PT
Finish: Option of regular or glossy finish
Size: 4″ x 6″
Turnaround: Postcards are typically printed within 3-5 business days after artwork is approved by patron.

500 Postcards (4″x6″)

1000 Postcards (4″x6″)

2500 Postcards (4″x6″)

5000 Postcards (4″x6″)